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The school held the "Home-school Co-education · Help growth" class for parents of Grade 2023 freshmen
2023-09-08 18:30  

9月7日,The school held a mental health parents class for 2023 freshmen with the theme of "home-school Co-education · Helping growth",The aim is to give full play to the positive role of home-school cooperation in students' mental health work,Strengthen parents' attention to children's mental health,To help the Class of 2023 adapt to college life better and faster。More than 300 parents of new students attended the lecture, and more than 7,500 parents watched the lecture online. Wenzhu, director of the school's Mental health Education and counseling Service Center, gave a lecture。

The lectures are taught from four aspects: the common practical problems and psychological impact of college students, the goal of home-school cooperation, the important role of home-school cooperation in solving students' problems, and how parents can help children grow up。With incisive and profound discussion, simple language, easy and interesting interaction, vivid and detailed cases to carry out, it is a close combination of theory and practice, ideological, instructive, and highly targeted psychological special lecture。At the end of the lecture, online and offline parents interacted to answer the problems and doubts encountered in the process of education and training of children。

Through this psychological class parents can pay more attention to the child's mental health, better understand the child's mental state and problems, more scientifically understand the child's growth law, more effective parent-child communication, so that parents can create a more conducive to the child's physical and mental health growth environment。It has better promoted the establishment of home-school relationship and strengthened the joint efforts of home-school education。

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