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The live activities of the 2024 International Day of Happiness have come to a successful conclusion
2024-03-20 11:14  

March 20, 2024 marks the 12th International Day of Happiness。In order to lead the students to think deeply and explore their own definition of happiness, the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center carefully planned and held a live publicity experience activity with the theme of "Yingdong Spring, Happy Departure" in the East and west campuses on March 18。


Event site 1

Event Site 2

Event site 3

In this activity, the students were enthusiastic and actively participated, and completed a variety of wonderful tasks according to the rules of the game.In the process of happiness writing, the students were full of enthusiasm and splashed ink on the happiness board to record their happiness。In the happiness scraping section, the students scratch the coating of happiness with high expectations, and every moment seems to reveal its own"Little true happiness"。Each time you complete a link, you earn a valuable customs clearance stamp。When the seals gather, the happiness gift will be presented in front of the eyes, the prize is rich and diverse, each contains a deep blessing to happiness。


Event site 4

Event site 5


Event site 6

The students gained a lot of happy experience in learning knowledge and sharing feelings, and felt the beauty and joy everywhere in life。

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