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The school held "Psychological crisis big data platform" operation practice intensive training
2024-06-16 12:34  

为贯彻落实习近平总书记对学生冰球突破游戏网站工作的系列重要指示批示精神,Conscientiously implement the circular requirements of 17 departments including the Ministry of Education on issuing the Special Action Plan for Comprehensively Strengthening and Improving the Mental Health Work of Students in the New Era (2023-2025),Further strengthen the effectiveness of the big data platform for psychological crisis in our schoolContinuously improve the level of psychological crisis prevention and intervention, 6The Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center is at the old Library 10 at 2 p.m. on the 16thThe computer room hosted a "Psychological crisisBig data平台”Operation practice intensive training, training by the instructor on the computer operation, the main speaker for the psychological center teacher Zhang Li, a total of 32 counselors volunteered to participate in the training。


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The training lasted two and a half hours,It has two roles of counselor and psychological specialist,The functional modules and operation methods that different roles need to master are taught respectively,And the basic logical framework of the big data platform,Different roles of the big data platform can manage the whole process of crisis prevention and intervention according to their rights and responsibilities and clearly record them,To realize dynamic tracking, real-time early warning and joint management of psychological crisis cases。

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This training aims to make participants further familiar with the functional modules of the psychological crisis big data platform and skilled operation of the platform, enhance joint efforts, form a closed loop, and constantly improve the efficiency and standardization of psychological crisis prevention and intervention work。In the follow-up work, the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center will continue to promote the comprehensive and perfect use of the psychological crisis big data platform together with other colleges, so as to realize the intelligent and dynamic management of psychological crisis prevention and intervention in our school, and improve the level of mental health education。

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