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Keep one's ear open
2024-04-22 14:27  


Hayao Miyazaki


Growth, choice, youth, love, family

'Listen' is based on the manga of the same name by 柊 Kui and directed by Kifumi Kondo, who has overseen many of Miyazaki's works。

The film tells a story that takes place in 1994, and the background of the painting is mostly from the center of Tama City near Tokyo。The male and female protagonists encourage each other to learn from each other, and struggle for their own ideals, narrating the pure and sincere and touching love story between young men and girls, expressing the author's attitude to life and positive spirit。The film was released in Japan on July 15, 1995。


This is a seemingly pure love and full of positive and positive energy of the film,The male and female protagonists in the play resemble us at the crossroads of life,Face the future,Our thoughts are not always understood by our families,Is considered to be in bad order,Without support, we hold on and try to prove ourselves with results,At the same time, it is infinitely Mired in a spiral of self-doubt。Youth ignorant, confused about the future, the persistence of the ideal, the yearning for love are reflected in this film。

Perhaps true love is like this, sweet and green, and what we can really do for this relationship is to move forward together and make progress together。In the absence of anyone's support and help, the other party is the motivation to support their own persistence。

In the film, there is not much rendering of love, but most of the plot tells the story of "going", the hazy feelings let the men and women find the future direction and road。

Perhaps in reality, we can not meet our "moon island Wen" and "Tianze Shengji", but we can precipitate ourselves as in the movie, face their own shortcomings, read in the heart as their own driving force, so that they continue to progress, to go to their own moon, to meet better themselves。In a cluttered world, listen to your innermost thoughts。

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